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Christmas Rental Scams at Stratton Mountain

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 This Christmas at Stratton was very busy with lots of people who came to enjoy a wonderful holiday season.  We rented more vaction rentals this holidays that ever before.    Late one afternoon, a nice family came knocing on our door.   They had found a beautiful home on Craigs list and sent the "owner" $6000 for rental.    The house on Craigs list is a beautiful property that is listed for sale in excess of $2 million dollars on and other sale websites including our own.   Should it be for short term rent it would be $2000. a night or $12to $14,000 for the holiday week.   The tenants went and knocked on the door to find that the house was NOT for rent and their $6000 lost.    Unfortunately, we were sold out and were unable to help them.     A good reason to not try to save money by not going through a reputable company.

The market seems to be heating up with lots of appointments and properties are getting offers and going under contract.  Prices are still very competitive and now is a good time to look and buy.